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bUT did the dog get his chicken nugget?

He did! But then he wouldn’t even eat it! He licked it twice and turned around and and jumped in the back seat! So it was all for nothing! And I have bruises! 

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I did a pretty impressive wipe out at work today. I got excited because my boss said I could give the dog at the drive thru window a chicken nugget, I ran to get said nugget, slipped on the floor turning the corner, landed on my knees, and slid a good three feet. And instead of helping me up my coworker grabbed a white towel, threw it on the floor, and yelled “safe!” 

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My blog is going to be dead tomorrow and maybe the day after, just so you all know. I worked all day today, I work from 10am to midnight tomorrow, and all day Saturday and I only have 6 things in my queue and I have no time to add anymore. I just got out of work, it’s almost 2am, and I still have to take a shower and wash my clothes before I go to bed. But then I have a four day streak where I only work 8 hours and I should get back to more than normal blogging during that time. So I would appreciate it if ya’all would hang in there and not unfollow me within the next couple of days. 

also life ranting under the read more that you can ignore 

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The two of you against the world, right?
Damn straight.

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 {x} (42-45/100) Jensen Ackles

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Dylan Everett as Young Dean Winchester in “Bad Boys”

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give me love.

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A man who feared the light began to crawl to the surface and an angel who feared the dark began to dig down deep and two broken souls merged together and became whole again. Together they built a new home, one where the light is strong enough to fight away the tendrils of darkness that still reach out for the both of them.